SMART making changes to licensure for Notebook software

For a decade now, teachers have had easy and free access to Smart’s Notebook software as long as their school owned one or more SmartBoards. Indeed, here at Bridgewater we’ve given students directions on how to download to their own personal computers the Notebook software since BC does own several SmartBoards.
Recently, though, Smart changed its policy. Now only Version 11 can be freely downloaded by BC students though the newest version of Notebook software is V14. Worse yet, there are some new computers, such as the new Macintosh computers which have Yosemite operating system on them, which can’t run Notebook V11.
Bridgewater is exploring the option of purchasing a site license for Notebook V14. Unlike the previous versions, though, it won’t be free and will even include an annual fee. We’ll keep you informed on the progress of this. In the meantime, if you need to create a Smartboard file with Notebook software, use one of the computers in the Flory 3rd floor lab. These computers can open V11.