With Lynn at Lake Tahoe in 2013

Greetings!  This website has been created by Joe Hill for the purpose of sharing many resources with family and friends.  Here you will find links to thousands and thousands of family pictures plus scores of videos.  It also includes professional resources for former students of mine at Bridgewater College and colleagues at Rockingham County Public Schools.    These files and links were previously on my Bridgewater College website before I retired in June, 2017.  This site also provided me with an easy way to share information with my 1968 classmates from Bramwell (WV) High School who celebrated with me our 50th reunion on June 30, 2018. More importantly, this site contains information about the full time jobs I now have–being a grandfather, father, and husband.

The entire family at The Greenbrier in March 2018


Kay, Lynn, Jim, and Ann

All eight grandchildren in December 2019. Left to right: Faron, Gus, Betsy, Henry, Coen, Freddie, Georgia, Thomas


Hill and DeLeo Families at Lancaster in 2017

With Lynn in Rome in 2019