About Me


Henry Joseph (Joe) Hillhill_joe


November 3, 1950


I worked for 45 years in the field of education.  In June, 2017, I retired as Instructor in the Teacher Education Program at Bridgewater College.  In June, 2012, I retired from being Director of Math and Technology for Rockingham County Public Schools, a position I held for 23 years. Prior to that I taught high school math for 17 years.  I joined the Teacher Education Program faculty of Bridgewater College in August, 2012.  So now my full time jobs are being grandfather, father, and husband!

I am a former adjunct faculty member of West Virginia University, Mary Baldwin College, Blue Ridge Community College, Eastern Mennonite University, and James Madison University


Lynn Hanger Hill, my wonderful wife of 45+ years, born 7/25/1952

Ann Cook Hill, our oldest daughter, born 4/26/1977

Josh Gutshall, born 9/1/1977, Ann’s husband

Henry Hill Gutshall, born 11/9/2004, our first grandson

Augustus (Gus) Bowman Gutshall, born 2/2/2007, our second grandson

Elizabeth (Betsy) Allen Gutshall, born 9/30/2009, our first granddaughter

Frederick (Freddie) Hanger Gutshall, born 12/10/2013, our fourth grandson

Kay Henry Hill Foy, our second daughter, born 7/27/1980

Andy Foy, born 9/3/1978, Kay’s husband

Thomas Henry Foy, born 8/5/2010, our third grandson

Georgia Carolynn Foy, born 9/14/2012, our second granddaughter

James Lynn Hill, our son, born 6/20/1983

Morgan Stanfill Hill, born 8/31/1983, Jim’s wife

Faron William Hill, born 6/4/2015, our fifth grandson

Coen Stanfill Hill, born 1/19/2017, our sixth grandson

Favorite Colleges:

West Virginia University, where I earned a couple of degrees and Lynn got her master’s

Longwood University, Lynn’s undergraduate degree

University of Mary Washington, Ann’s undergraduate degree

North Carolina Central, Ann’s master’s degree

Georgia Tech, Kay’s undergraduate degree

George Mason Law School, Kay’s law school degree

Virginia Tech, Jim’s undergraduate and graduate degrees

Bridgewater College, where I formerly was employed as an Instructor in the Teacher Education Program

Favorite Websites:

My Flickr site with over 57,000 family pictures on it.  This site is private but links to many of the photos can be accessed on the link above called Family Photos and Videos.  There are over 100 videos linked there and hosted on Vimeo.   As you’ll see, these digital images are password protected but information is provided for you to obtain the password from me.

Bramwell WV where I grew up and where the five previous generations of the Hill family lived.  The site has lots of historical facts about Bramwell including Hill family biographies in its Pioneer section and Bramwell High School class information such as the class of 1968 of which I was a part.

Central United Methodist Church in Staunton where we attend and whose website I maintain.  Lynn and I both do various jobs at Central.  I am the Church Treasurer and Bookkeeper.

Valley of Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics which I belonged to for 30+ years and who now give an annual teaching award named in my honor.

Fort Defiance High School Boys Tennis 2002, a website I created almost 20 years ago to celebrate the high school tennis careers of Jim and his teammates.  Nostalgic fun now.

Rockingham County Public Schools, where I worked for twenty five years and Lynn worked for ten before retiring.  She still does some part time work with Rockingham County Schools testing ELL students and assisting ELL teachers.  She also tutors students through the Migrant Education Program administered by Albemarle County Public Schools.

Fort Defiance High School, where Lynn and I both taught for many years. Our children are all FDHS graduates and now we have grandchildren who attend there.

My playlist of 50+ Instructional Video YouTube screencasts I created and posted for my Bridgewater College classes.  Surprisingly, they proved to be more popular than just for my Bridgewater students.  Some have almost 200,000 views.

Professional Interests:

Mathematics education and the integration of technology into instruction.


Playing tennis, riding bicycles or walking with Lynn, watching sports on tv, visiting with our children, playing with our grandchildren, traveling.

Favorite Music:

Most all country music especially older hits by George Strait, Patsy Cline, Toby Keith, Alabama, Brad Paisley, etc. plus pop music by Lionel Richie and Josh Groban.  But maybe my favorite music are the 60’s songs performed by the Chaparrals, the rock band I played in during my high school years.  Videos of some Chaparral reunion performances can be found on the Family Photos and Videos link above.

Favorite Foods:

Salted caramel chocolate chunk ice cream at Smiley’s in Mount Crawford VA, Lasagna from Sal’s Restaurant in Edinburg VA, most any kind of fruit pie, golden delicious apples, most everything that Lynn cooks.

Favorite TV Shows:

Big Bang Theory, Jeopardy, Young Sheldon, and college football and basketball games, especially those with WVU.  Go Mountaineers!


For Christmas, 2017, my daughter Ann gave me a wonderful gift, a subscription to StoryWorth, a web service which sent me weekly e-mail questions throughout 2018 to which I responded and later edited.  My responses were compiled into a 433 page book, Joe Hill: Millionaire, Mountaineer, Educator, Granddaddy.  This book can be viewed by clicking here:  Joe HillMillionaireMountaineerEducatorGranddaddy.  I was able to give printed copies of this book to each of my grandchildren.

I’ve also published (at least within the family) picture calendars for every year in recent memory.  Click here to see them.

In 2021 to celebrate grandson Henry’s first year of varsity basketball I published a booklet for him detailing every game and including lots of pictures.  Click here to view it.  Henry was only a sophomore but he and his team had a great year as the booklet shows.  I suppose I’ll be doing this for him and other grandchildren for the next many years!

Additional Info:

I worked in the field of Education for 45 years, including 17 as a classroom teacher, 23 as a Supervisor/Director of Math & Technology, and 5 as a full time instructor in the Teacher Education Program of Bridgewater College.  I taught at Morgantown High School, Morgantown WV for 9 years, at Turner Ashby High School, Rockingham County, for 2 years, then at Fort Defiance High School, Augusta County, for 6 years.  I came to Rockingham County as Supervisor of Math and Technology in 1989 and retired as Director of Math and Technology on June 30, 2012.  After being an adjunct instructor at Bridgewater College for 17 years, I became a full time instructor in the Teacher Education Program in fall, 2012 and remained there until my second and final retirement in June, 2017.

Lynn and I are very much enjoying our empty nest and, as of 2017, our retirements.  We enjoy walking, eating out, watching tv together, riding bicycles (click here to see a list of over 60 bike trails we have ridden on), and taking some great trips.  We currently have traveled to 49 states and 7 foreign countries.  For some of our longer trips, I’ve written daily vacation journals.  For sure, nothing makes us happier than to see our children and grandchildren.  Lynn retired from her job as an ELL teacher with Rockingham County Public Schools in June, 2017, a position she held from 2007 – 2017.  Prior to that position, she taught High School Spanish at Fort Defiance High School for 20 years.