Every year I produce three calendars: one for those in my immediate family (Hill – Hanger), one for Lynn’s family members (Hanger), and one for my brother and sister (Hill). All of them are picture calendars featuring some of my favorite pictures from that year. I’ve also created some other miscellaneous calendars as shown below. I create them using Apple’s Photos App, export them as a .pdf, then get them printed at Staples. Just click on the one you’d like to view:

2021Hill – HangerHangerHill
2020Hill – HangerHangerHillItaly Trip
2019Hill – HangerHangerHill
2018Hill – HangerHangerHill
2017Hill – HangerHangerHill
2016Hill – HangerHangerHill
2015Hill – HangerHangerHill
2014Hill – HangerHangerHill
2013Hill – HangerHangerHill
2012Hill – HangerHangerHill
2011Hill – HangerHangerHill
2010Hill – HangerHangerHillKay & Andy
2009Hill – HangerHangerHillBike Trails
2008Hill – HangerHangerHill