Hill Genealogy

Henry Joseph Hill 1950 – current – born Bramwell WV 1950 – married Lynn Harris Hanger Hill 1952 – current – born Staunton VA

Herman Wiley Hill 1912 – 1993 – born Bramwell WV – died Altoona PA – married Katherine Cook Hill 1914 – 1980 – born Pageton VA – died Richmond VA https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/25725501/herman-wiley-hill

Wiley McMillon Hill 1882 – 1950 – born Bramwell WV – died Bramwell WV – married Mary Blanche Williamson 1892 – 1953 – born Moneta VA  – died Bluefield WV https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/23270191/wylie-mcmillon-hill

Felix Shelton Hill 1846 – 1927 – born Ashe County NC  – died Bramwell WV – married Nancy Ellen Dixon 1852 – 1929 –  born Ashe County VA – died Bramwell WV https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/25165584/felix-shelton-hill

Hardin Harrison Hill 1827 – 1890 – born Ashe County NC – died Mercer County WV – married Jane Green Jones Hill 1825 – ?? – born Ashe County NC – died Mercer County WV https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/166814445/hardin-harrison-hill and https://www.geni.com/people/Hardin-Hill/6000000038275390034

John A. Hill 1794  – 1870 – born Wilkes County NC – died Wood County WV – married Elizabeth Evans (Betsy) Hill 1800 – 1850 – born Ashe County NC – died Wyoming County WV https://www.geni.com/people/John-Hill/6000000031141018858

William Hardin Hill III 1773 – 1857 – born Surry County NC – died Raleigh NC – married Elizabeth (Eliza) Tabitha Halbert Hill 1772 – 1850 – born Wilkes County NC – died Ashe County NC – married Asenath (or Eseneth) Smallwood Hill –  married Sarah Geddy Hill- married Frances Clark Pollard Connor Blount Hill https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hill-19372 and https://www.geni.com/people/William-Hill/6000000001450729491

Chaplain William T. Hill Jr. 1737 – 1792 – born Caroline County NC – died Raleigh NC – married Hannah Elizabeth Halbert Hill 1742 – 1833 – born Caroline, Colony of Virginia – died Stokes, NC  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hill-1449

William Francis Hill 1710 – 1787 – born Caroline VA – died Surry County NC – married Susannah Smithers Hill 1715 – 1764 – born Caroline County VA – died Surry County NC https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hill-3101

Sion Hill Jr. 1678 – 1762 – born Virginia – died Edgecombe County NC – married Elizabeth Browne Hill 1680 – ?? – born Colony of Virginia – married Hannah Green Hill 1685 – 1736 – born Virginia – died Edgecombe NC https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hill-1955

Sion Hill 1654 – 1705 born Isle of Wight County, Colony of Virginia – died Surry County VA -married Elizabeth Mizell Hill 1666 – 1720 – born Surry County VA – died Surry County VA – married Elizabeth Smith Hill 1658 – 1705 – born Isle of Wight County, Colony of Virginia – died Surry County, Colony of Virginia https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hill-50

Robert Hill 1615 – 1698 – born Northumberland, Kent, England – died Surry County, Colony of Virginia – married Mary Webb Hill 1621 – 1684  – born Northumberland, Kent, England – died Isle of Wight County VA https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hill-51

Robert Hill I 1589 – 1679 – born Manchester, Lancs., England – died in Surry County, Colony of Virginia – married Ann Kinge Hill of Norfolk, England 1593 – 1659 – born Norfolk, England – died Somerset, England  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hill-18264

*William Hill, public official, son of William and Eliza Halbert Hill, was born in Surry (now Stokes) County. His father, a Baptist minister, attended the Provincial Congress at Hillsborough in August 1775 and later served as a chaplain in the American forces that fought at Guilford Court House in the Revolutionary War.

Though Hill pursued a variety of occupations, most of his career was devoted to public service. He taught school for a brief time beginning at the age of sixteen. In July 1795 he obtained a position as clerk in the Raleigh law office of James Glasgow, secretary of state. In 1803 Hill moved to Haywood, Chatham County, and worked as a merchant. Returning to Raleigh the next year, he entered business, and during the 1804–5 session of the General Assembly he was appointed magistrate for Wake County. In February 1806 he was elected registrar of Wake County. The following year he became clerk of court and held that office until 1811, when the General Assembly appointed him secretary of state to succeed the late William White. Hill was reelected (annually until 1835 and biennially thereafter) with regularity until his death forty-six years later. By that time he was known as “Old Sec.” Hill also served as state librarian from 1812 until 1842, except for the period between 1827 and 1831.

Hill married twice. His first wife was Sarah Geddy, whom he married in January 1803; they were the parents of Cynthia, Eliza, Louisa, and William Geddy, who became a physician. A year or so after the death of his first wife he married Frances G. Blount on 14 Feb. 1833. He died in Raleigh, and following a funeral at the local Methodist Episcopal church he was buried in the Raleigh City Cemetery.

**William Hill, Jr., (1737-92) was a Patriot Baptist Minister and member of the Committee for Safety for Salisbury District, NC. He was born in Caroline County, VA.

Following from; http://rancho.pancho.pagesperso-orange.fr/Revhill.htm The book “Reminiscences & Memories of North Carolinans” by John H. Wheeler describes Rev. William Hill, Jr. as a Baptist Minister, a sterling patriot and a honest man. His break with his families Episcopalian background is said to have temporarily caused his father to disown him. It is said by some sources he was Chaplain and a member of the Committee of Safety, Salisbury District, North Carolina during the Revolutionary War.

The December 1928 issue of the National Geographic Quarterly magazine states that Rev. William Hill, Jr, came to North Carolina a few years before his father, and owned land on the Dan River, in today’s Rockingham County, North Carolina. His plantation was called “Popular Hill.” The magazine article says Reverend William Hill lived there until his death.