Kevin Fanfoni

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Kevin Fanfoni

Class: Junior

Height: 5′ 9″

Weight: 145

Position: 5

Hometown: Verona, VA

Kevin moves up to #5 for 2002 after playing #7 most of the 2001 season. He has shown much improvement over the past two years especially with his serve. He has good baseline groundstrokes and hits with lots of topspin. On the court, he is very competitive. Off the court, Kevin’s sense of humor keeps the rest of the team smiling. His favorite part about playing on the team, says Kevin, is the snacks.

2001 Record
Kevin played in several matches in 2001 and had a winning record in doubles.

2002 Record
Kevin’s singles record ended up at 8-7, but the Kevin who played at the end of the season was very different from the Kevin who began the season. His last two matches were played superbly including a win over Loudoun County and a tight, three set, loss to powerful Handley in the Regional Tournament. As the season progressed, Kevin’s first serve became a weapon and his second serve became much more consistent. His ground strokes, which always had good form, became steady.

Kevin’s most memorable matches of the season were those last two matches. His summer plans include lots of golf tournaments, summer counseling at Wintergreen, heading to the beach in North Carolina, checking out colleges like Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, and UVA. He claims that he will be playing no tennis this summer, but considering how his game has improved that would be downright sinful.

After high school, Kevin would like to attend the University of Virginia.